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Irae Ulula
United States
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As of recent events i have been overburdened in artwork, and not getting paid for it. its gotten to the point where i cant even get my own personal artwork done. I have things i want to do like gaming, a warframe clan im dedicated to and homework that NEEDS to get done or ill lose my job. Things have to get done on MY time i'm sorry to say. Three slots are available and i will update the status of this when im done. the finishing time of commissions wont be consistent because of what is stated above. [u]there is NO refunds[/u]. [color=red]The customer must send a trade with GAIAGOlD. That said trade will stay in limbo (sort of speak) until I am done with the said image. Should you cancel the trade in any way, shape or form, the art will not be finished. [/color]

[color=orange]Commission Prices:[/color]
2,000,000,000gg for Single B/W Sketch
+4,000,000,000gg for Color
+500,000,000 per additional Character (3 Max)

Slot 1:


1-2 The Keeper by c-seamk
1-2 The Keeper
"My actions may have not done much, but I helped Thedas in my own way. Many died and many lived defending the city. My biggest regret was leaving Anders when I did. Maybe if I had stayed the events in Kirkwall wouldve never happened." 
BoK color Ivara by c-seamk
BoK color Ivara
so one day i was really bored at work and drew ivara from warframe. of course this was BEFORE i knew about second dream, not saying a word for any newbies here. one of my clan mates wanted me to draw him ivara and told him i did weeks ago, i got motivated to color it afterwards. dammit octane lol so here in ya face my BoK ivara 
skin: EDC384

eyes: F78124
blue: 6CECEB
red: B3373A
Hair: DF9B82
Lady Kiltia by c-seamk
Lady Kiltia
looking up from the water, a mysterious figure approached with a katana in hand. The woman gave no expression but she was very calm despite the intrusion of her visitor. looking closely she bared the clans mark, the visitor knew exactly who the woman was at that moment. 
After A Long Night by c-seamk
After A Long Night
BoK this is a big announcement we've been hinting for a few weeks now lol. idk who all has seen mine and dumah's RPC appearance, but is official dumah and I are togther since july 7 2016. 
we ran out ideas and said fuck it lets make it obvious with art hahah. 
but yea im actually really proud of this piece, i enjoyed doing some art with/for me and dumah :3  

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yea due to the fact my moms boyfriend who beleives if he cant enjoy cable/internet no one will. so posting art work will be EXTREMELY rare :( so yea....
c-seamk Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013 for parallel worlds if anyone is interested
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